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Lotus USA

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Pic Description Status Price Cart
Large Flat Letters
MO Availability
Large Bevelled Rear Lotus Decal
MO Availability
Flat Rear Lotus Decal
((Standard Size))
MO Availability
Bevelled Rear Lotus Decal
((Standard Size))
MO Availability
Polish (Service Only)
(We polish your decal from machine finish to mirror!)
Service Availability
Polycarbonate Bevelled Rear Lotus Decal
((Glossy Black or Flat Black only))
MO Availability
Rear Decal Stencil
((Stencil to mount above Letters))
MO Availability
Lock Cover Replacement -flat
((Set of 2))
MO Availability
Lock Cover Replacement -fitted
((as above except extra machining for fit))
MO Availability
Rear Elise Badge- Bevelled
MO Availability
Engine Cover Lettering
(EliseUSA (package of 17))
MO Availability
Engine Cover Key Strikeplate
(EliseUSA (package of 1))
MO Availability
Stock Status Codes:
IS = In Stock
MO = Made to order, a few days to a few weeks leadtime, depending on outstanding orders
BO = Back Ordered
SO = Special Order, may take 2-4 weeks for delivery

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